Blackberry Farm

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Paddle Sports


$175 (per person)

Explore the beauty of our surrounding foothills by taking an amazing journey along a pristine lake in one of our canoes. Let your guide share stories about local flora, fish and wildlife you will see as you paddle into the wilderness. Four-hour guided canoe trip.


$175 (per person)

Enjoy a great adventure in the pristine waters of our surrounding lakes by paddling in a kayak alongside of one of our guides. Kayaking is a more individual experience that also allows you to cover more water if you prefer to tour the lake. Four-hour guided kayak trip.


$175 (per person)

A traditional form of surfing, originating from the Hawaiian Islands, paddle-boarding is a sport that has grown far beyond the pacific shores. Join our instructors on a short drive to the nearby mountain lakes of Chilhowee or Tellico. Once there you will learn how to “SUP” and enjoy a refreshing day on the water. Instead of surfing, we will paddleboard on calm waters around islands and creeks, and maybe even take a dip if it gets too hot.



Blackberry Farm features more than three miles of paved paths on the estate, as well as miles of trails throughout the property’s 9,200 acres of wooded mountains. Local wilderness guides are available for hire if you prefer the skill and guidance of their experience. You will enjoy hearing local history, tree and plant information as well as the companionship, and a watchful eye, ensuring your day on the trails is just as you envision. A dedicated 1,000 acres contain more than nine miles of complex trails ranging from moderate to very challenging in skill level. We recommend that you let our team at the Oak Cottage know your hiking plans. We have water, first aid kits and two-way radios available for your hike. Conditions on the trails can change without warning, and we want you to be prepared. Neighboring Great Smoky Mountains National Park offers a complex system of trails located within a two-mile hike from our trailhead. If you decide to venture off property into the Smokies, let one of our guides take you to spectacular waterfalls, beautiful vistas or even sections of the Appalachian Trail.

Hiking Fees

  • (1–2 Hours) Blackberry Nature Walks
    Up to 4 people $105
    5 or more people $25 each person
  • (3–4 Hours) Half Day Guided Hike
    Up to 4 people $225
    5 or more people $50 each person
  • (6–8 Hours) Full Day Guided Hike
    Up to 4 people $425
    5 or more people $100 each person


Romance and adventure unite in the antique tradition of Letterboxing, an activity that began during the 1850s in Dartmoor, County Devon, England. Travelers hiking the English moors would leave postcards in hidden boxes along the trails. The next person to discover the cache would then post the letters, hence the name “Letterboxing.” Letterboxing has elements of a treasure hunt and was a forerunner of the contemporary sport of geocaching, which uses a Global Positioning System (GPS) to find specific locations of hidden objects.

The modern version of Letterboxing utilizes log books and rubber stamps—which are often beautifully handmade—instead of postcards. Our Letterboxing adventure is guided through sets of geocache coordinates and should take less than two hours to complete. Supplied with a Letterboxing kit and a GPS unit, you can set out on foot, bike or by golf cart to discover the hidden caches on our own misty hillsides. You will be rewarded for your efforts by the fresh cool mountain air, time spent with your loved one and a special treat awaiting you in our Gift Shop upon your return.

Geocaching Fees

  • Letterboxing Kit with GPS rental $75
  • (Up to 2 Hours) With accompaniment of Guide
    Up to 4 people $125
    5 or more people $25 each person


Road Cycling

Road Bike Rental Fee $100 (per day)

The surrounding area boasts some of the best cycling in the country—from smooth, level roads along the river to HC category 1 climbs up the sides of mountains. Freewheeling through the scenic byways and rolling back road routes of East Tennessee is the ultimate in cycling on one of our road bikes. Bikes are outfitted with a basic flat touring pedal, but with a variety of pedal options available including Speed Play, SPD and Look. We will help you find your favorite distance—5, 20 or 60 miles—and your favorite route. Winding through foothills, passing farms and breaking for lunch if you like, giving you an authentic and unique experience of luxury and adventure. Helmets, water bottles and maps are provided.

Cycling Guide Fee
(one guide per four people)

  • (1–2 Hours) Blackberry Guided Ride
    Up to 2 people $100
    3 or more people $50 each person
  • (3–4 Hours) Half Day Guided Ride
    Up to 2 people $200
    3 or more people $100 each person
  • (6–8 Hours) Full Day Guided Ride
    Up to 2 people $400
    3 or more people $200 each person



$125 (per person) (500 Paintballs) Group session at 2 p.m. daily. Private by reservation.

Tactics. Teamwork. Thrills. Our guides will customize your session for groups of 2 to 20. Games include a protective mask, gun, CO2 and paintballs. Recommended attire: loose-fitting clothing (long pants, long sleeves, layers and gloves), tennis shoes, trail runners or hiking boots. Please no sandals.

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