Blackberry Farm

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Culinary & Farm

Life on the Farm (available seasonally)

Explore the happenings around the farm, rolling up your sleeves to participate or just observing. Spend time with our Farmstead artisans from all around property, including time in the garden and kitchen.

Download the Culinary & Farm Overview PDF for more information & additional images.


Tour and Seed talk

$90 (per person)

Take an extensive tour of the different gardens with Master Gardener John Coykendall. He will illuminate the stories behind each plant variety and will share with you the tremendous collection of heirloom seeds he works to preserve. Allow one hour.

Day in the life of the master gardener

$250 (Per Person)

Spend time with the Master Gardener John Coykendall as he takes you through the heritage, history and craft of sowing, harvesting and seed saving. Work the fields, harvest the day's produce for the kitchen and shell some seeds. All will afford you the understanding of what it is like to be a master gardener. Allow up to three hours.

Farmstead Tour

$90 (per person)

Spend time with one of our farmstead team members to learn about what makes Blackberry Farm a working farm. The tour is centered on the garden but also touches on our livestock, truffle orchard and dogs, and farmstead product production. Allow one hour for this group tour.

Truffle Time

$90 (per person)

With our own Lagatto truffle dogs and a planted orchard, join your host and dog trainer as you discover this 500-year-old breed and the coveted truffles they find. Allow one hour for this group activity.


Cooking Demonstration

$195 (per person)

Join one of our chefs in preparation of a three-course midday meal centered around produce that you yourself will gather in our gardens prior to arriving at the demonstration kitchen for the demonstration and lunch which will be accompanied by a glass of wine. Offering is seasonal.

Day in the Life of a Chef

$2,000 (per person)

Spend the day with one of our chefs as they guide you through their daily culinary routine.


Whiskey Tastings

The core of American whiskey production surrounds us in the south and our collection is comprised of both American and international whiskies. Take the opportunity to bask in the amber glow that emanates from within our bars and educate your mind and palate during a whiskey tasting with one of our beverage experts.

  • Basic American Whiskey tasting $150 per guest
  • Basic Scotch Whiskey tasting $200 per guest
  • The Bruichladdich Experience $225 per guest
  • The Experimental Experience $375 per guest
  • The Bucket List Experience $1000 per guest

Private Wine Tastings

With 160,000 bottles to choose from, Blackberry Farm's wine cellar is deep with opportunities to learn more about wine. During your stay, you can schedule an opportunity to spend time with a member of our sommelier team for in-depth tasting and explore regions, varieties, producers and vintages.

Experiences begin at $250 per person. Please see the pdf below for offerings.

Brewery Tour & Tastings

These foothills have long held the secrets of distillers and brewers that fought against the elements to create a comforting beverage. In our quest to share the ingredients, wisdom, and ways of the area with our guests from all around the world as well as to build upon a beverage program that our guests and experts alike have come to know as one of the most comprehensive wine and unique beverage collections in this country, we knew we simply could not leave out a very important part of life in these hills and on this farm — whiskey making. The first step to making whiskey is actually making beer. Having a brewery on our property allows our guests direct interaction with the process and brewers, the team to make the most of the beer pairings and the by-products of the beer making process.

The tour is available by appointment only, availability changes seasonally. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see behind the scenes of our brewery!

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