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Wake Surf

A relatively mellow mix of wakeboarding and ocean surfing, wake surfing offers a low impact experience behind the boat. With the use of wide and remarkably stable boards, we are able to actually surf the wave created by the specially designed MasterCraft watercraft. The low speeds of this activity also offer an experience with much less consequence than many of the water sports we are all familiar with. This exciting new offering is a family friendly activity for experienced water sport enthusiasts or complete beginners. Our instruction based programing is designed to teach the sport of wakesurfing from the ground up. All of this and more combine to make this a truly enjoyable way to spend a day on the water! If surfing is not your style, soak in the natural beauty of the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains while we tour one of our beautiful East Tennessee Lakes. From the first warm days of the spring through brilliance of fall, we love to be on the water. We can pack a lunch and take in the natural beauty of the hill sides, learn about the rich history of the area, and even hop in for a swim!

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