Blackberry Farm

Deep Healing Woods

New paths to wellness

Rooted in nature and proven by science, Blackberry Farm’s Deep Healing Woods activities offer one-of-a-kind experiences with established psychological and physiological benefits. Ground-breaking research out of Japan highlights the numerous benefits of forest bathing, also known as Shin-rin Yoku, which include enhanced physical fitness, accelerated healing, increased mental focus, and improved biological responses to reducing stress, and fighting disease.

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January through March 15th we offer winter rates for activities and reservations. Please call to find out more.

earthfit endurance hike

This high-intensity workout is ideal for any fitness level.Designed for optimal body conditioning and recovery, this activity includes a pre-workout stretching session to warm the muscles and promote circulation. A fast-paced hike encourages cardiovascular strength and endurance. At the conclusion of the physical exertion stage, guests are led in a guided stretch and meditation session to improve body recovery and mental restoration.

earthfit forest run

The same structure and numerous benefits of EarthFit Endurance Hike, only tailored for those that love to run.

deep healing woods yoga

Yoga means ‘union’ and when practiced outdoors, a greater sense of connecting with the universe can be evoked. Many of yoga’s asanas (postures) reflect animals and nature. Allow the breeze to expand your breathing, the warm sun to deepen your pose making muscles more playable, and let a ladybug invite you to focus on something small and still. Enjoy a sense of harmony, timelessness and union with Mother Nature.

deep healing woods meditation

For centuries, monks around the world over have taken to the forest to elevate their meditation practice and become one with the universe. Drawing upon this ancient wisdom, we too, take you to the deep healing woods to clear your mind, calm your soul, and heighten your awareness. Discover how going within can provide an innate sense of connection with oneself and all living things.

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