Blackberry Farm


Our Team

Roy Milner

With more than 20 years in and around the craft brewing industry, our Managing Partner began exploring his passion for great beer in Knoxville as a home brewer while attending the University of Tennessee. A native of Chattanooga, Roy has traveled extensively to gather the knowledge and expertise to make the best beer possible. 

Prior to Blackberry Farm, Roy worked as a brewer with multiple breweries in the Southeast, and has held several Sales and Marketing positions with beer and beverage companies throughout the United States before coming back to Tennessee. Passionate about all things Southern, he is a lover of music, cooking, beverages, and travel, and is proud to call the mountains of East Tennessee home. 

Daniel Heisler

After years of successful home brewing, Daniel Heisler found himself inspired and wanting to build his home success into a professional career. With professional brewing stops in Utah and Michigan, Daniel is now the Head Brewer of the Blackberry Farm Brewery. Daniel points to his fasciation with beer for its diversity, whether being enjoyed with casual food or fine dining. At the Blackberry Farm Brewery, Daniel oversees the day-to-day operations, which includes producing wort in the brew house, managing the fermentation cellar and packaging the beer on the bottling line.

John LeQuire

With more than 11 years at Blackberry Farm, John LeQuire has held many roles including grounds, housekeeping, lodging, reservations and now the Blackberry Farm Brewery. During a trip to London, John discovered his passion for craft beer while on a brewery tour. He witnessed first hand the passion for the beer from the brewer and was able to see and smell the raw hops and grain which inspired him. From that point forward, John wanted to pursue his new found interest in craft beer. When the Blackberry Farm Brewery opened, John jumped at the chance to be part of the team as the Beer Traffic Controller. At the brewery, John is responsible for inventory, ordering, shipping and receiving, and social media. John is a graduate from Middle Tennessee State University with a degree in History and minor in Business Administration.

Tim Moore

Growing up in St. Louis, home to one of beer giant Anheuser-Busch’s facilities, Tim was first introduced to beer. Inspired by a chance experience with some batches of home brew and his grandfather’s work at a canning facility, Tim started his more than 15 year career with beer making. Tim’s passion for beer making is derived through its equal parts science, art, culture, and history. Tim’s work at the Blackberry Farm Brewery includes packaging, maintaining brewery equipment, and working on experimental beers.