Alban Farmhouse Red

Inspired by the traditional Red and Brown Farmhouse Ales of theFlanders region of Belgium, this beer underwent a mixed culturefermentation and spent fourteen months aging in French Oak red winebarrels before being bottled. The resulting aged beer, blended with freshbeer of the same recipe at bottling, is crisp and tart with a light body,moderate carbonation, and complex notes of dark fruit, vinous oak andhints of sherry. This beer will continue to pleasantly age and evolve inthe bottle when stored at proper cellar temperatures.

This special release was crafted in collaboration with John Alban, ofAlban Vineyards, who has been a longtime friend of Blackberry Farmand who graciously provided the oak barrels for the project. The FrenchOak barrels, which previously held Grenache and Syrah from AlbanVineyards, were used to age our Flanders-inspired red ale for fourteenmonths before bottling.







  • Overall

    Crisp, tart acidity, dark fruit and subtle oak

  • Pairings

    Braised rabbit, roast duck, beef short ribs, washed rind cheeses

  • Profile

    A crisp, reddish brown ale with complex notes of acidity, dark fruit, vinous oak, and hints of sherry

  • Malts

    Floor-malted dark, floor-malted pilsner, floor-malted wheat, Abbey, Carafoam, Special W, Flaked Corn

  • Hops

    UK East Kent Golding

  • Yeast



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