Daily Miel

A rustic Farmhouse Ale brewed with two varieties of spelt, aged Noble hops, and over 6 pounds per barrel of Carolina Piedmont and Tennessee Foothills honey. Fermented with both of our unique house yeast strains, this complex and satisfying ale embraces the hive mentality.

Crafted in collaboration with Fullsteam Brewery, located across the mountains from us in Durham, NC. Fullsteam Brewery has long championed a “plow to pint” approach to Southern brewing founded in a deep sense of pride in heritage, dedication to quality and thoughtfulness in purpose – the same sensibility we strive to reflect in our own creations at Blackberry Farm.

100% bottle refermented. Unfiltered. Store bottle upright at cellar temperature. Serve at 45F-55F.







  • Overall

    Roasty, malty, with a delicate finish

  • Pairings

    Smoked brisket, Indian curries, aged cheddars

  • Profile

    rustic yet light-bodied ale with notes of dark roasted grain and tobacco accentuated by delicate notes of clover and honey with a dry finish.

  • Malts

    Floor-malted pilsner, floor-malted wheat, spelt, and chocolate spelt malt

  • Hops

    French Aramis

  • Yeast

    Blackberry Farm House Saison Yeast and Fullsteam Brewery House Yeast


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