Sorghum Saison

Sorghum has long been a staple crop in the South, not only providing utility as a cover crop and for livestock feed, but also yielding the sweet sorghum syrup that is enjoyed by many. In celebration of its rich history in the South, we have crafted a rustic farmhouse ale featuring Riverbend Pale Ale, Riverbend Heritage Malt, generous amounts of Muddy Pond Sorghum Syrup, and fermented with a wild strain of native yeast harvested from the orchards at Blackberry Farm.

Our Native family of ales feature a wide range of styles and flavors that share one extraordinary, common component: native wild yeasts harvested from across Blackberry Farm’s 9,200 protected acres at the edge of the Great Smoky Mountains. These yeast strains have been carefully gathered and maintained for us by our friends at South Yeast Labs, and reflect the micro-flora that are unique to our location in the mountains of East Tennessee.

100% bottle refermented. Unfiltered. Store bottle upright at cellar temperature. Serve at 45F-55F.







  • Overall

    Delicate grassy aromas with a subtly sweet malty finish

  • Pairings

    Bouillabaisse, Hearty Pork Cassoulet

  • Profile

    A rustic farmhouse ale with delicately floral aromas of straw and hay, and a subtly sweet malty finish reminiscent of honey and papaya

  • Malts

    Riverbend Pale Ale Malt, Riverbend Heritage Malt

  • Hops

    UK East Kent Golding, Equinox, Motueka

  • Yeast

    South Yeast Labs HS-2 (Wild Native Honeysuckle)


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