Blackberry Farm

Buckwheat Strawberry

Buckwheat Strawberry

“A nutty and toasty farmhouse ale”


ABV 6.3%
IBUs 20
SRM 16
OVERALL Nutty, toasty, delicate fruit
PAIRINGS Buckwheat hoecakes, roasted chicken, garden greens with chevre or brebis cheese
PROFILE A nutty and toasty farmhouse ale with notes of delicate fruit.
MALTS Toasted Buckwheat, Riverbend Heritage and Pale Ale Malts, Floor-malted Pilsner malt, Floor-malted Dark malt
HOPS Styrian Aurora, UK East Kent Golding, Hallertau Blanc, Czech Saaz
YEAST South Yeast Labs HS-2 (Wild Native Honeysuckle)

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