Blackberry Farm

Tennessee Cream Ale

Tennessee Cream Ale

“Light, delicately malty, crisp, refreshing”

Tennessee Cream Ale, the second release in our Native Family of beers, draws its inspiration from the rich agricultural and culinary heritage that guides our brewing program. Corn has long been a staple crop of the South, whether being served at the table or sipped from a jar, and was traditionally used as the base ingredient for the Cream Ale style of beer. In celebration of that heritage, we have crafted a light golden Tennessee Cream Ale brewed with flaked corn and heirloom grits, and fermented with a wild strain of native yeast from our Farm for a delicately malty body with a hint of corn sweetness and a crisp, refreshing finish.


ABV 6.3%
IBUs 34
OVERALL Light, delicately malty, crisp, refreshing
PAIRINGS Leafy greens, salads, light seafood or shellfish, spicy curries
PROFILE A bright and refreshing golden ale with hints of light malt and corn sweetness
MALTS Flaked corn and heirloom grits, Riverbend Heritage and Pale malt, floor-malted pilsner, floor-malted dark, and Carafoam malt
HOPS Czech Saaz, Styrian Aurora
YEAST South Yeast Labs HS-2 (Wild Native Honeysuckle)

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