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Dubbel bottle

Blackberry Farm Dubbel

“Screaming Cock”

A dark amber beer with reddish highlights and a long-lasting, creamy head. This abbey-style ale has many complex flavors and aromas including a rich maltiness with hints of dark dried fruits such as raisins and plums. The beer has a medium-full body with malt sweetness in the front of the palate, complex flavors of dried fruits and chocolate in the center, and a dry finish at the end. The beer is well-balanced but balanced toward the malt, with little hop flavor or aroma detectable. The alcohol level of 6% by volume is very smooth and adds to the underlying complexity of the beer without being noticeable except for a pleasant low-alcohol warmth. This rich beer goes best with hearty foods such as beef stew and with lamb dishes.

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With such limited production and already high demand, the Blackberry Farm Brewery offerings are very select.

Dubbel label

Blackberry Farm Brewery