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Nuit Belge
November 3, 2016

We are excited to bring this event to Atlanta, New Orleans, Nashville, and Charelston in 2016 featuring the best chefs and restaurants in each city. Tickets in all cities are highly limited, for more information and to purchase tickets please visit

Gather Round for November
November 1, 2016

This is the perfect time of the year to incorporate a new tradition into your holiday gatherings with friends and family. Read more!

Cheers from Walland
October 30, 2016

We’re honored to share a taste with you. Cheers!

Enjoy the Moment
October 2015

In the brewery, we think about flavors and beer styles much like a chef views a pantry, a trip to the market, or a visit to a farm. We have beers that are available year round and we have others that come and go with the passing of the season. 

Aspects of Conditioning, Maturation and Aging of Beer
May 20, 2015
Most beer throughout history has been meant for consumption within days, weeks or a fewmonths after production.  However, the deliberate aging of beer is rapidly being rediscovered by modern beer connoisseurs to great effect.  In the following article we will discuss the efficacy,  practice and what to expect of aging beer in more detail.  Firstly, we should distinguish the difference between aging and maturation. 
Fall In to Our New Label Inspiration
January 30, 2015
Sometimes it takes a while for the obvious to rise to the surface.  We love the changing of the seasons here on the farm and in the brewery it means new inspirations, new recipes, and a chance to look at our program as a whole.
The Shape of our Bottles
December 16, 2014
We are often asked questions about the shape of our beer bottles.  Why do they look like champagne bottles?  Is it for a reason or is it for show?  Does it actually make the beer taste better?

These are all great questions and they deserve thoughtful answers.  First and foremost, they look like champagne bottles because that is exactly what they are. Yes, we package our beer in champagne bottles and we do it for a variety of reasons.
Our Beer is Growing
November 3, 2014
What a perfect season to survey your surroundings and observe the abundant examples of growth.  Virtually everything that has been long at rest has begun the revival of life, displaying both a visual and visceral experience of newness and possibility.
A New Year with Beer
November 1, 2014
Aside from a handful of exceptions, it seems that most of my well-intentioned resolutions are lucky to make it to the first day of spring. However, one comes to mind that has somehow survived the better part of two decades. 
Share Beer
September 14, 2014
As children, the concept of sharing comes with much trial and tribulation.  Lessons that later in life become treasured are often the hardest to teach, learn, and embrace.

But we travel the progression from childhood, to adolescence, to young adults, and finally we enter adulthood. Along this path we develop an understanding and appreciation for sharing moments, memories, and life with our friends and family.  While entirely possible to share these very same things with complete strangers and new people in our lives, it tends to be those we hold dearest to our heart that weave the fabric of our most cherished moments.

Beer at the Table
August 22 2014
Regardless of the setting, gathering around a table with friends and family is a nurturing gift that firmly establishes deep-seated memories that we carry for a lifetime.  We remember conversations, stories, flavors, recipes, and we often remember a simple but warmly delivered toast.  
Learn some facts about our Brewery
August 5 2014
One of the most frequent comments I hear on tours and during tastings is “something about these beers is different.” These comments put a smile on my face, because this is the perfect avenue for me to delve into the many things we do to add complexity and character to our beers. 

Craft beer is enjoying a rapidly expanding audience globally, but particularly in the United States.  The South was just identified as the newest frontier for growth and interest.  I say all of this to celebrate our craft, but also to acknowledge that learning about beers and what makes them different is more critical now than ever to welcome new drinkers into the world of beer.

Good Food Awards
August 1 2014
In January, Blackberry Farm artisans traveled to San Francisco to present their locally crafted products at the 5th annual Good Food Awards. Blackberry Farm won three Good Food Awards for this year, including Classic Saison Beer, Under the Pines Cheese, and Blackberry Farm Honey.  The Good Food Awards acknowledge artisan products that have been prepared with consideration for local culture and environmental sustainability. Shop Blackberry Farm products and taste for yourself! 
A Season to Indulge
January 30, 2014
Set out your cheese boards; take down your rocks glasses. Winter is the perfect time to celebrate moments big and small with handcrafted artisan cheeses, small-batch beer and our very first barrel-aged Tennessee whiskey.
BeerAdvocate’s Return of the Belgian Beer Fest
September 17, 2016
This September our Brewery team attended the BeerAdvocate Return of the Belgian Beer Fest. We were excited that selections from our Saison and Abbey families were featured!