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Pale Ale bottle

Belgian-style Pale Ale

“Farm Ale”

The aroma of this beer is very malt-accented with some fruity esters and noble-type hop accents. The beer is a hazy copper hue with the haze resulting from the fact that this beer, as all of Blackberry Farm beers, is un-filtered and is naturally carbonated through a long period of bottle-conditioning. Flavor is dominated by a light to medium malt sweetness along with some underlying fruitiness and just enough noble hop flavor to provide balance without being bitter. The beer finishes fairly dry and clean. A low alcohol content of just 5.4% alcohol by volume makes this a session beer to be enjoyed with friends and a versatile companion with a wide range of dishes.

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With such limited production and already high demand, the Blackberry Farm Brewery offerings are very select.

Pale Ale label

Blackberry Farm Brewery