Blackberry Fit

At Blackberry Farm our team members are our most important asset and we believe that a healthy balanced life results in engaged and focused team members. To that end, our commitment to our team’s total well-being inspired Blackberry Fit in 2011. Blackberry Fit is a wellness initiative designed to incorporate our shared values about food, exercise, and healthy living.

Our team has opportunities to participate in Blackberry Fit programming, including friendly competitions with exercise goals, group activities, and team building through exercise. Some of those activities are hikes, yoga, boot camp, wellness bingo, walkabouts during the workday, local 5k races, fitness classes, discounts at local gyms, and the list goes on. It also provides an opportunity for teams to get to know each other across departments. Blackberry Fit is the best way we know to inspire our team to attain their fitness goals.

“The property is a beautiful place to work. The food is incredible! I love this place! I love my job! ”

– November, 2016

“The property is beautiful and the food is fantastic, but it is the staff that sets it apart. Their manners were impeccable and made each guest feel truly welcome.”

– December, 2016

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