Blackberry Farm


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Teamwork and mutual respect compose the cornerstone that ensures success for Blackberry Farm and all of our Team Members. We are ladies and gentlemen, serving ladies and gentlemen. We are proud of what we do and are always looking for opportunities to exceed the expectations of our guests and Team Members. The most important asset you can bring to Blackberry is you!

Some of our favorite comments from our guests include:

The lady who cleaned our room at night was exceptional as well, Very kind and always accommodating. Another thing that really stood out was how happy and proud all the employees are to work for Blackberry Farm. They all speak so highly of being a part of the team.
– April 2015

Blackberry Farm seems to have cornered the market on genuinely friendly and courteous staff; all were noteworthy. .
– April 2015

The concierge woman I worked with was absolutely amazing in every way! Also really loved the skeet shooting instructor, he was very patient and very nice. He handled the kids with extra care and attention! Fly fishing guide was extremely nice and patient. He worked so hard to make sure my son got to experience some real joy and success.
– April 2015

One thought that strikes a huge chord is how each and every staff member seemed to have the time and patience to talk! They all seemed to be there to do their job, as well as be a friendly part of the overall Blackberry experience. It was obvious that every member of the Blackberry team truly enjoys what they do and are very proud to be a part of such an incredible experience.
– April 2015

Everyone was exceptional. All of the various drivers, the waiters at the restaurant, the people who delivered food to the room... Everyone wanted to make sure we had a great stay. The front desk was very helpful in letting us know about scenic drives in the area. The food and ambiance at dinner was exceptional. The massage that I had was so relaxing.
– March 2015

There were so many individuals that made the stay so extraordinary.We didn't even fly fish and the two young men there were so personable and kind in just following up with us from our hiking. The sommelier was exceptional and everyone seemed to remember you whenever they saw you. That is a talent!
— June 2014

Such wonderful bike support for our intermediate group. I thoroughly enjoyed their company and their support during our three rides. The concierge was lovely as well. She was warm and friendly and extremely helpful. I didn't meet a staff member that I didn't like. Way to go Blackberry Farm for staffing your place with such lovely, high quality people.
— March 2015

Special thanks to our Sommelier, for making our last evening an exceptional experience! He represents what BF is all about with Customer Service! This was our 5th visit and we're planning our next visit before we left! As we have said before BF is a little Heaven on Earth; Great Job to ALL!
— April 2015

I'm sad because I really can't list just 1 person. Everywhere we went at Blackberry Farm was full of lovely, attentive and compassionate staff!! Friendly, kind, helpful, and thoughtful !! I grew up on a 300 acre family farm in Ohio . My husband and I both felt like we were at home surrounded by many new friends and a family's rich history and amazing vision. The peaceful well - thought out details were around every corner here. We can't wait to return and bring our friends and family back with us.
— April 2015

We had an opportunity to meet the ladies in the floral department and they were just wonderful. They do such beautiful work and it adds such a special touch to the property. Also had a wonderful massage!
— April 2015

Two people we were impressed by most in our very brief encounters, even though we didn't get to hear their stories or get their names, were the housekeeper who so kindly stepped out of our room for a minute when we returned early from lunch (and didn't make us feel badly about interrupting her schedule), and our driver to dinner on our last night.
— March 2015

It was the most perfect place. I don't even have words to describe the experience. The service was impeccable. The grounds are amazing and the food was to die for. This is the best vacation I have ever taken. Things just magically happen here and you don't even need to think for yourself. It was truly enjoyable and magnificent. I have too many great things to say.
— October 2014

Everyone we met was very friendly and helpful, and we felt welcome by everyone.
— November 2014

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