Blackberry Farm



Reviews for The Foothills Cuisine® of Blackberry Farm

“In a perfect world, every American would have a chance to experience Blackberry Farm and tasting the changing seasons. This book is the next best thing: a visit to a vanishing America that is being lovingly preserved in the Great Smoky Mountains.”

Ruth Reichl

“I can't imagine a more perfect celebration of mountain cuisine. This elegant cookbook stirs memories of my grandmothers cooking food they had grown and preserved on wood burning cook stoves. It provides a glimpse of the incredible effort that makes Blackberry Farm truly special. It is the perfect marriage of authentic southern food indigenous to our mountains with the refined Foothills Cuisine® that has elevated Blackberry Farm to the ultimate dining experience in America.”

Allan Benton, Benton’s Smoky Mountain Country Hams

“I loved my visit to Blackberry Farm for the way it took me back to the earth-to-table rustic cooking I grew up with in the French countryside. Sam Beall's book shares the riches each crucial season can provide, from the jam to ham, as well as the traditions of soul-satisfying Appalachian cooking”

Daniel Boulud

“The sights, the sounds, the smells, the terroir… like the ingredients in a fine bourbon, those which comprise Blackberry Farm are, in essence, all about the earth. Sam Beall and I agree that the old way is often the best way. The luxurious journey through the pages of this book remind us that the purest, simplest ingredients thoughtfully and lovingly put together can result in nectar on your palate. Ask it of nature & ye shall receive!”

Julian Van Winkle of Old RIP Van Winkle Distillery

Reviews for The Blackberry Farm Cookbook

“Sam Beall’s heartfelt words and the beautiful images took me back to my first visit — to the Bealls’ incredible hospitality and the delicious meals they nurtured us with.”

Thomas Keller

“The Beall family has created the ultimate destination for lovers of food, wine, gracious service, and the infinite ‘nice things’ that make living grand.”

Frank Stitt

“Hospitality, generosity, authenticity, quality, family... Life has stopped and our stress disappears at Blackberry Farm. The food and wine reveal the best of nature.”

Alain Ducasse

“Big, bold and beautiful... California-trained chef Beall takes readers to the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee to his family's Inn and farm-to-table restaurant. Through color photos, essays and over 100 recipes inspired by the South, the spirit of this special place and the people involved is conveyed through its well-designed pages. Organized by season and broken down by event, recipes reflect the inn's philosophy of ‘responsive cooking’ and showcase produce grown in the five-acre garden including creamed chard; beef carpaccio with summer chanterelles and chives; and Sam's carrot soufflé... The stories behind the on-site cheese kitchen and curing house, as well as a celebration of local suppliers such as Benton's Smokey Mountain Country Hams, are artisanal inspirations and reiterate the importance of how food is grown, raised and created. With a wine cellar of more than 160,000 bottles, it's no surprise that Beall's astute wine notes round out a title that is most certainly a reflection of ‘the good life’.”

Publisher's Weekly

“Like Blackberry Farm itself, this book is a celebration of the South and a family dream, deliciously realized. It will take you in, enfold you in a warm embrace, and bring you home again to the nurturing hills of Tennessee.”

Patrick O'Connell

“I admire the Blackberry Farm ethic — the reverence for place and people, the dedication to artisanal excellence, the trust in long-held traditions, and the belief that, as Wendell Berry once put it, eating is an ‘agricultural act’.”

John T. Edge
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