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Photography Workshop

March 12, 2017 - March 15, 2017


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Photography is more than a way to remember—it’s a way to share, a way to savor. Whether you’re merely curious or deeply serious about the art of photography, you’ll leave this three-day workshop inspired, educated and equipped to take better photos and create more beautiful moments. Join Photographer Heather-Anne Thomas of beall + thomas photography and Stylist Mary Clayton Carl for hands-on sessions that include lighting, framing, editing, styling and various demonstrations. Feel free to bring the camera you are comfortable with, be it a smartphone, point and shoot or the latest digital SLR; the techniques taught will improve your images, however you capture them. Our scenic Tennessee landscapes offer plenty of inspiring subject matter for your viewfinder, and lovely dinners with your fellow workshop attendees each night will feed your creativity.

Highlights & Features
  • Intimate classes and presentations with a professional photographer
  • Tips for all levels of experience with photography
  • Cooking demonstrations and other workshops with discussion and instruction on photographing still objects and movement
  • One on one assistance from professional photographer
  • Techniques for all types of cameras, from SLR to iPhone
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