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Behind the Lens Photography Workshop

Featuring Photographer Heather Anne Thomas and Stylist Angie Mosier

March 11, 2018 - March 14, 2018

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Some moments in life are so beautiful, we can't help but want to capture them. So, it's no wonder that the art of photography has a special place on our peaceful farm. Whether you're an avid photographer or you're just starting out, our beloved Behind the Lens photography workshop provides insightful tips and techniques for all levels. Photographer Heather Anne Thomas and Food Stylist Angie Mosier will share some of the knowledge they have gleaned from their collective years of experience in the industry. We'll cover a range of helpful tips and tricks on everything from lighting, framing and styling to editing and cataloging images. With such insightful instructors and a backdrop as picturesque as the Farm, guests are bound to leave with a wonderful portfolio of images and inspiration to bring back home.

Highlights & Features
  • Intimate classes and presentations with a professional photographer
  • Tips for all levels of experience with photography
  • Cooking demonstrations and other workshops with discussion and instruction on photographing still objects and movement
  • One on one assistance from professional photographer
  • Techniques for all types of cameras, from iPhone to SLR
  • Special group meals with guest personalities
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