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Beyond the Budget:
Financially Fit Family

October 23, 2016 - October 25, 2016

This event is Complimentary.

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Event Description

A recognized leader and pioneer in family finance and legacy planning, Tom Rogerson joins our Ideas Series for a relaxed, thoughtful event that promises to be enjoyable, yet educational, for those interested in considering family finances in a fresh new way. Tom will explore how families, working together, can develop financial responsibility across generations, as well as strengthen the family legacy, protect wealth and build the ultimate family team. Accessible and earnest, Tom has valuable personal experience and wisdom that will help participants plan for the future and communicate with family members about stewarding resources and relationships.

FEATURING Tom Rogerson (Boston, MA)

Highlights & Features
  • Keynote by Tom Rogerson on how to protect family wealth and prepare your children to be financially responsible.
  • Optional group meals with Tom Rogerson provide a more relaxed setting for open discussion
  • Balance of leisure time to enjoy property
How to Book

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