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Boot Camp

April 23, 2017 - April 26, 2017




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Join us this Spring for a high-energy bootcamp that will challenge you to stretch your limits! You will be coached, educated and inspired by Adam Bornstein, whose expertise as an award-winning fitness writer and coach have made him one of today’s most influential voices in health. Balance intense workouts, one-on-one training, outdoor activities and spa treatments, all topped off with thoughtful meals around the table specially designed to nourish the body, Blackberry style. Adam will help you find balance in fitness—the sweet spot where your goals and preferences collide. When the retreat wraps up, you’ll be ready to take your transformation beyond the farm.

Highlights & Features
  • Includes a 60 minute Wellhouse service 
  • Fitness and nutrition classes led by Adam Bornstein
  • Intense bike and hike (15 mile bike, followed by a 7 mile hike)
  • Recovery yoga
  • One on one coaching from Adam Bornstein
  • Farm-fresh wellness inspired group meals to allow for peak performance
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Simply reserve through the “Reserve Room” button or to gather more details and to reserve your place in this event, please call 1-800-557-8864 or email reservations@blackberryfarm.com for accommodation reservations and event participation pricing and confirmation.

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