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Cheese Geek

Featuring Cheesemaker Chris Osborne

April 29, 2018 - May 02, 2018

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Cheese is something we take seriously here at Blackberry Farm, so naturally, we've dedicated a whole three days to it. Join us for an engaging culinary event with our artisan cheesemaker Chris Osborne. Together, we'll learn about the history and art of cheese making in an interactive and enjoyable workshop. You'll even get to try making a few cheeses yourself! Then, in an enlightening seminar on beer and cheese, pick up a few new pairing ideas for your next dinner party. Whether you're a self-proclaimed cheese geek or a budding cheese enthusiast, you're bound to walk away with a new appreciation for this special food and a taste of how to serve it or make it at home.

Highlights & Features
  • A behind the scenes look at Blackberry Farm's cheesemaking
  • Group meals with our cheesemaker, Chris Osborne
  • Beer and cheese tasting
  • Hands on cheese making workshop
  • A tour of the larder and our cheese caves
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