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Deep Healing Woods Immersion

May 06, 2018 - May 09, 2018




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Forests have a tremendous healthful effect on your body and mind, and we're not a bit surprised. The vibrant foliage of the Smoky Mountains in the Spring has long been an invitation to fresh perspective and budding curiosity. Come discover for yourself what happens when you immerse yourself in the lush, green woods we call home. Wellness Expert Hope Parks will lead us through life-giving yoga and mindfulness practices, Forager Darryl Patton will guide us in discovering the hidden treasures under the canopy and Farmstead Educator Jeff Ross will create culminating experiences around the table. We'll leave our stresses and worries in the woods and come away from these few days with a refreshing sense of grounding and lightness.

Highlights & Features
  • Forest Walk and Foraging Exploration led by Darryl Patton
  • Foraging Presentation led by Darryl Patton
  • Yoga practices led by Hope Parks
  • Blend of wellness activities that balance fitness, education, and rejuvenation
  • Wellness Cooking Demonstration and other enrichment activities
  • Farm fresh group meals and juices that nourish the body and allow for optimized performance
  • Free time for self discovery and exploration
  • Includes an 80 minute Wellhouse Experience - 30 minute mediation followed by a 50 minute massage
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