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Deep Healing Woods Immersion

Barbara Close, Naturopathica Founder

May 12, 2019 - May 15, 2019




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As we walk through the forest, the promise of growth all around us often finds a parallel in our own lives. The capacity of the forest to heal the body and mind has been acknowledged for centuries, and the vibrant Spring foliage of the Great Smoky Mountains has long been an invitation to fresh perspective and budding curiosity. Unplug under the canopy and discover the many ways we find connection with nature alongside Wellness Lifestyle Expert Hope Parks. Shared time on the trail, in the kitchen and on our yoga mats will show us how to bring mindful and holistic practices into our everyday lives. Immerse yourself in the rhythms, sounds and touch of the natural world, and come away from this retreat more connected to life within and around you.
Highlights & Features

  • Experience our Deep Healing Woods activities to the fullest, yoga, foraging walk, and mindfulness
  • Daily rituals with Barbara Close
  • Hands on workshop with Barbara Close
  • Wellness Cooking Demonstration
  • Balance of group activities and meals, as well as leisure time
  • Includes a 80 minute Wellhouse Experience (a 30 minute meditation followed by 50 minute massage)


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