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Kitchen Sessions with Jeff Ross

July 22, 2018 - July 25, 2018

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It's no wonder that chefs train for many years before mastering the art of cooking. Excellent chefs have a kit of techniques and skills that would be difficult to develop without professional training. While you can't fast-track mastering the kitchen, you can learn fundamental cooking skills and elevate your meals with Farmstead Educator Jeff Ross in a hands-on workshop that is bound to be as fun as it is informative. Get a better grip on kitchen essentials like knife skills or making a mirepoix. We'll even spend some time in the garden benefiting from Jeff's insight into growing and harvesting food. Then, put your new knowledge to use as we make two Blackberry Farm meals together. Join us for a time of learning, eating and laughing as we improve our cooking techniques together. You'll be sure to come away with a new sense of confidence and excitement about what you can make in the kitchen.


Highlights & Features
  • Hands on Cooking Demonstrations
  • Garden Tour
  • Learn cooking tips and techniques
  • Farm fresh group meals
  • Optional activities and leisure time for guests to enjoy the Farm
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