July 4th

July 03, 2018 - July 06, 2018

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At Blackberry, we look forward to Independence Day fireworks just as much as now as we did when we were kids, and each year we light up the dark Summer night with a patriot display of red, white and blue that could rival most cities. Many of our guests return year after year to enjoy this fun-filled holiday and the spectacular sky display with us. The weekend would not be complete without our annual BBQ battle, a test of the best technique, sauce and taste of barbecue from a handful of our talented chefs. It's the perfect time to make happy memories with the whole family. Before the evening festivities begin, we'll have Camp Blackberry activities for the kids all day long, so parents can enjoy a little patriotic fun of their own. This event is popular, and spots tend to go quickly!

Highlights & Features
  • Annual BBQ Battle
  • Fireworks over Blackberry Farm
  • Festive holiday activities
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Simply reserve through the “Reserve Now” button or to gather more details and to reserve your place in this event, please call 1-800-557-8864 or email reservations@blackberryfarm.com for accommodation reservations and event participation pricing and confirmation.

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