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Kitchen Full of Kids

July 21, 2019 - July 24, 2019

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One of our favorite things about Summer is watching the many splendid ways that children grow and thrive during their time spent at the Farm; our fun, annual culinary workshop for kids might be number one. Cookbook author Helen Fifield will share cooking techniques and safety skills to help boost your children’s confidence in the kitchen. Imaginative and engaging, this workshop gives kids invaluable hands-on experience both out in the garden and inside the kitchen. They’ll learn how to make a meal all the way from farm to plate. Our Blackberry Adventure team will join in the fun as well, leading kids in foraging, planting, harvesting and fishing. We’re sure your little ones will leave hungry for more culinary excitement at home.
Highlights & Features


  • Hands on cooking experiences geared specifically for kids
  • Farm animal and garden exploration
  • Each day split between kitchen and outdoor time for kids to get a full experience of the farm
  • Kids split into smaller groups based on age to maximize enjoyment
  • Other fun activities at Camp Blackberry
  • Family reception featuring the dishes the kids have created during the event



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