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Kitchen Sessions: Preserving Tradition

July 09, 2017 - July 12, 2017

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The rise of pickled foods has helped revive interest in the traditional arts of canning and preservation. People are fascinated by preserving and fermenting—a ritual once essential to make the bounty of Summer produce last. Join our Preservationist Shannon Walker for an illuminating, hands-on workshop that will give you a taste of the entire preservation process, from picking fruit to sealing jars. You’ll learn various techniques for canning, along with our approach to growing and preserving the very best garden flavors. Complete with lovely, garden-fresh meals and plenty of free time to enjoy Summer on the farm, this workshop will change the way you think about your pantry.
Highlights & Features
  • Demonstrations with Blackberry Farm Preservationist Shannon Walker
  • Special menus with Blackberry Farm cuisine
  • Hands on canning & preservation
  • Learn how to approach your pantry in a whole new way!
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