Labor Day Weekend with Owner Experiences

August 31, 2018 - September 03, 2018

Agendas and More Information

Event Description
Smoky Mountain Sports Club Owner’s Classic
When: 9:00am on Saturday, September 1st
Cost: $100++ per person
Choose a teammate and join in on a friendly shooting competition, in the annual Smoky Mountain Sports Club Owner’s Classic. See if you have what it takes to be the top shot and have your name added to a special plaque, as the 2018 victors!

Participants will depart property at 9am.

Raku, The Celebration of Fire
When: 6:00pm on Sunday, September 2nd
Cost: 95++ per person
Come join us for an experiential evening in clay and in the celebration of fire. You will begin by selecting a bisque fired ceramic piece that you will make your own through surface application of glazes. The Raku kiln will be loaded for a quick firing. During the wait time, you will enjoy learning about the history of Raku and relish a welcomed glass of wine. When the kiln temperature is reached, the pots are then removed while still glowing red with heat. This is where the excitement begins and unpredictability happens! Pots are subjected to a post firing reduction by being placed in containers of combustible materials. This process blackens the raw unglazed clay and creates the gorgeous surface that is Raku fired ceramics. Head home in the dusk with a whirlwind of enthusiasm for a new experience and with your handmade pot in hand.
Allow 3 hours for this experience.

Owner’s Brunch in the Barn
When: 10:00am – 1:00pm on Sunday, September 2nd by reservation only
Cost: $75++ per person

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