New Year's Eve

December 31, 2020

Event Description
A remarkable celebration can set the tone for a truly fantastic year ahead. Ring in the New Year with twinkling lights, celebrated cuisine and plenty of champagne in our dazzling annual event. With high spirits and delightful company, we’ll treat guests to special tasting menus and great music, all before raising a glass to the year ahead and welcoming it with jubilation and intention. Following the festivities, ease into the first day of your new year with a relaxing visit to the Wellhouse or a refreshing hike in the brisk mountain air. However you choose to begin 2020, we’ll be here to help you set course for your best year yet.
Highlights & Features
  • Special New Years menus in our restaurants 
  • A New Year’s Eve celebration in Bramble Hall 
  • Live band Champagne toast at midnight

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