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The Judgment

California vs Bordeaux 1985

February 27, 2018 - March 01, 2018

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Omar Khan, Founder of the International Business and Wine Society, curates some of the most fascinating wine dinners around the world – and he loves Blackberry Farm! The Judgment of Paris in 1976 was a legendary wine competition that had California wines square off against the best from France. In a blind tasting, the top palates of France gave California the edge. After the original event, there were critiques about the vintages selected, how much development time the French wines had, etc. So we're going to make this Judgment-inspired event thrillingly fair. The top wines from California of that era will face the top wines from Bordeaux, all in the superb 1985 vintage (a stellar year in both regions). In an experience guided by Omar, a very select number of guests will be able to taste these rare beauties blind and decide the winner for themselves. We'll enjoy these top wines, discuss the results and celebrate both regions over dinner. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Sam Beall Fellows Program, dedicated to the memory and legacy of Sam Beall. Join us as we raise a glass to the best of wine.




Exceptional wines from the 1985 vintage from both California and Bordeaux, France, assembled by Omar Khan from his cellar, for us to experience, judge and discuss. We will learn about our own palates, these two remarkable regions, the vintage, and the nature of assigning points to wines as critics do.


Highlights & Features


  • Welcome reception with Omar Khan
  • Wine tasting
  • A group meal with wines from Omar Khan


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