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The Great Outdoors with Orvis

June 04, 2017 - June 07, 2017




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Event Description
After more than a century of outfitting lovers of the outdoors, Orvis has become more than a brand—it’s a hub for sporting and adventure. With the same passion for the great outdoors, we’re welcoming Senior Manager Scott McEnaney of Orvis to the farm for a multi-faceted adventure series that features shooting with one of Orvis’ top shooting instructors, guided fly-fishing with Casting Instructor Pete Kutzer and bird dog training with legendary Dog Trainers Ronnie and Susanna Smith. In between these fun-filled sporting sessions, guests will be free to explore our farm, taste wine from Winemaker Matt Licklider of Lioco Wine and enjoy all the beauty of a Blackberry Summer.
Highlights & Features
  • Multifaceted adventure exploring the Orvis lifestyle
  • Educational seminars on fly-fishing, shooting, and dog training
  • Hands on fly casting with expert Pete Kutzer
  • Optional activities to further explore the Orvis Lifestyle
  • Leisure activity time to enjoy Blackberry Farm
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