Blackberry Farm

On the Farm

For centuries the land upon which Blackberry Farm is situated has provided for its inhabitants. The Cherokee and then the first Appalachian discovered how to cultivate what would sustain them and how to forage what was already abundant in the field, forest and stream. Today, we choose to take the same approach because it links us with a continued passion for this special place and the seasons.

“On the farm, our goal is to cultivate the bounty around us by harnessing the natural systems at play.”

The passionate pursuit of our farm generates a range of heirloom produce from the garden, wild flower honey, farm-fresh eggs, and artisan cheeses from East Friesian sheep. Sustainably harvested ingredients are the essence of our celebrated Foothills Cuisine®, and the Farmstead is the gathering place for people and products of the farm. While you are here, we encourage you to take part in the farm activities, which will increase your understanding and therefore appreciation of the relationship that we have to the land and to the food it provides us.

The FarmStead is the gathering place for people and product on the Farm. Meals made of the farm’s bounty are served at The Barn by Executive Chef Cassidee Dabney and her team. In addition to housing a dining venue, the 18th century Amish bank barn also hosts the series of culinary programs under the pitch of its Gambreled roof that welcome visiting chefs and wine makers to Blackberry Farm for three days of epicurean delight. The Farm Kitchen in the Gambrel is also where Blackberry Farm’s own farm-based programs such as cheese tastings and cooking demonstrations are held. Descending to where the livestock stalls once were, one discovers a grand cellar dining room flanked on both sides by a beautiful glass enclosed collection of wines.

Next door to The Barn is The Larder, a white washed old barn wood structure conforms on the inside to the requirements set forth by the regulatory bodies that oversee food production. The activity of this place is sealed off to all outside elements to protect the sanctity of the products made within, which fortunately are then released to be savored by guests here and at home.

On the other side of The Barn lies the Farmhouse. This structure was built using reclaimed wood and materials drawing from the annals of historical architecture to create a farmhouse that captures the charm of a time past.

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