On The Farm

For centuries the land upon which Blackberry Farm is situated has provided for its inhabitants. The Cherokee and early Appalachians learned how to cultivate these foothill soils and how to forage what was already abundant in the field, forest and stream. Today, we cherish this understanding and continue to preserve these traditional land use practices.

Since its inception, the Farmstead has been a favorite gathering place for guests, chefs, and artisans alike. With a vast number of vegetables from our gardens and foraged goods from our surroundings, our chefs and artisans have the “raw materials” to provide an array of culinary creations. Our gardeners grow vegetables that offer endless colors, textures and tastes. Our forager, livestock team and our local agricultural community provide milk for our cheese maker, meat for our butcher, as well as wild mushrooms, blackberries and ramps for our preservationist. Items harvested around the gardens like sour cherries, sumac and persimmons are offered to the brewery and transformed into award winning spirits. Sustainably harvested ingredients are the essence of our celebrated Foothills Cuisine®.

While you are here, we encourage you to take part in the farm activities that we have to learn about the land and the food it provides us. You are encouraged to join Master Gardener John Coykendall in one of his talks about the old days of farming or the art of saving seeds. Take a Farmstead tasting tour and get a good overview of our farm and the opportunity to try some of our farmstead products. We also offer activities with our garden manager and farmstead educator to learn about our gardening techniques and philosophy. Make sure to sign up for a cooking demonstration with one of our artisans to learn their techniques of transforming local bounty into culinary delight.

As was the ways of our ancestors, we use what our local environment has to offer. We grow, harvest and eat according to the seasons. We embrace the culture that makes our area unique and seek to preserve the culinary folk customs of this region. We provide for the artisans and kitchens what the land will allow in a manner that is respectful to the environment and its inhabitants. To put it in artistic terms, the farm is where the colors are ground, the canvas is stretched and all preparations are made for the artist’s masterpiece.

“On the farm, our goal is to cultivate the bounty around us by harnessing the natural systems at play.”

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