The Lagotto Romagnolo Trainer

Lagotto Romagnolo Trainer

Jim Sanford

Jim Sanford grew up in California and then spent 20 years traveling all over the world and training elephants. After deciding to settle down in Tennessee for an extended period of time, Sanford started working at the front desk more than 17 years ago and has been a part of the Blackberry team ever since. Sanford was Blackberry’s first in-house fly fishing instructor. He then started Blackberry’s horseback program and worked there for 7 years before moving on to help with Blackberry’s first truffle dogs.

Along with raising and training the truffle dogs, Sanford is tasked with tending to the sheep, pigs, chickens, quail, and ducks. Animal husbandry is what Sanford loves and what gets him out of bed every day. When he isn’t taking care of the dogs or the livestock, Sanford also enjoys working with rope and has created multiple swings and other rope work here at Blackberry.

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