The Preservationist

Having the ability to preserve all that cannot be used in the fresh state, affords the opportunity for the preservationist to work with a berry farmer for example to purchase their whole crop, ensuring that the berries are grown in a sustainable fashion and providing the farmer with the security of knowing their product will not go to waste. The results are jams, jellies and preserves of a natural quality, ones that derive their flavor from the ingredient rather than additives. Blackberry’s small-batch preserves pay homage to the true meaning of abundance with stewardship and respect for the orchard’s natural goodness. through recipes passed down by our Appalachian forebears, our artisans revive the craft of "putting by" with each jar that’s sealed. using only the highest quality ingredients.


Dustin Busby

Passionate about farming and the entire process of harvesting, Dustin is always in search of the best ingredients from the land and the most delicious ways to enjoy them. Dustin got his culinary chops from around the world staging at some of the most renowned restaurants including The Fat Duck, The French Laundry and Le Manoir while working as Sous Chef at the Woodlands, another Relais & Chateaux property. During his time at Blackberry he has worked as Executive Sous Chef of The Barn at Blackberry Farm®, Preservationist and Cheesemaker giving him an expanded range of expertise.

In 2017 Dustin assumed the role of Farmstead Manager. In line with his southern roots, and combining his love of land and kitchen, his talents and passions merge perfectly in this role. Dustin oversees production in the Larder, which encompasses the butchery, cheese making and preservations programs, where he combines his expertly honed culinary skills with raw creativity and real life experience as a farmer. His position takes him out of the kitchen and into nature to discover what the region has to offer and experiment with what he can do with it.

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