The Butcher

Much of the meat served in our restaurants is sourced from local farmers from whom we buy whole animals. What is not used as a featured fresh cut is then transformed by our butcher into a cured, dried or otherwise preserved meat product such as bacon, salami or country ham. For our guests the goal is education, and we want to encourage people to learn more about the source of their meat.

The Butcher

David Rule

Growing up, David always knew his love for culinary arts would lead to a future career in restaurants. Starting at Blackberry Farm as a line cook in 2007, and after stints at Aubrey’s Restaurants as a Corporate Chef and at Dancing Bear Lodge & Restaurant as Executive Chef, David is back at Blackberry Farm where he is immersed in the art of butchery. Growing up spending time on his grandparents hog farm, he is inspired by the Appalachian influence of the region and has made the butcher cave his home. As Blackberry’s butcher, David is responsible for the resort’s meat curing program as part of the Foothills Cuisine® of Blackberry Farm.

“Our varieties of sausages and salumi feature prominent notes of local muscadine wine, sorghum and spice berries — just to name a few.”

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