Blackberry Farm

Cut Flower Garden

Just as the settlers of this rich and diverse land used whatever resources were available, most of the flowers and foliage we use have come directly from the gardens and meadows of Blackberry Farm. While some arrangements are made by gathering together a striking array of bright Sunflowers and Coreopsis highlighted with dark accents of Ironweed and Bee Balm, others provide a more relaxed atmosphere using more subtle tones of Butterfly Bush, Sedum, and aromatic herbs from our herb gardens—Purple Basil, Lavender, and Salvia.

A wide variety of traditional fruits and vegetables from the Heirloom Garden such as pumpkins, gourds, and corn stalks used in outdoor displays bring a fresh wave of nostalgia and fond memories of harvest time, trick-or-treating, and Thanksgiving.

The displays prompt us to appreciate the beauty of one bloom en masse, like the Hydrangea or Joe Pye in the Main House dining room, or an ensemble of wildflowers like those used at the picnics. Fortunately, there is no end to the floral team’s imagination, based upon the awe-inspiring diversity of nature’s bounty during each season—allowing all of us to travel “outside our indoor box” every time our gaze falls on a meadow flower or when we close our eyes while inhaling to make a whiff of lavender just a little more intense as we pass by.

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