Blackberry Farm

Friends of the Farm

100 year garden

“On a balmy March day in 1959, a young and curious John Coykendall explored the abandoned Ebenezer train station on the western edge of Knoxville. Among the dusty bundles of train timetables and schedules, he discovered a tattered copy of a 1913 edition of Henry Maule’s seed catalog. He was instantly fascinated by the elaborate drawings of crops, the seeds to grow them and the people who would have placed orders with the company. Thus began a nearly 60-year love affair with heirloom vegetable seeds.” - As told by Jeff Ross


Garden Month

Calling all green thumbs and garden lovers! Blackberry Farm’s annual Garden Month is a true guest favorite: our long-standing celebration of all of our vibrant Summer vegetation. Throughout August we will celebrate the bountiful produce coming from our fields and we will offer a variety of garden-inspired programs. Guests will interact with our master gardener as well as our culinary team, learning techniques for better growing while
preparing and savoring the fresh flavors our fields have to offer in this dynamic season.