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A Perfect Winter Day

“There is something magical about winter on the farm. Suddenly, everything feels cozy and charming. Life slows down a bit, and it causes you to really enjoy everything about Blackberry Farm. Winter is the time of year when a day at the spa is a necessity on every itinerary. The warmth of mint tea before a soothing hot stone massage is something that we feel every guest would love to experience during the winter! Looking over the stunning views of frosted greenery in the meadow lounge is one of the most breathtaking places to be.

During our ideal winter day, hiking through the woods with our local guides will be a memory that will not be soon forgotten. Listen to the still, calming winter sounds of nature while enjoying stunning views through the bare trees all around you. Signs of wildlife will be ever-present with a welcoming feeling of peace. This winter, we will highlight a spectacular hiking route that begins in the Smoky Mountains and finishes through a hidden path on our private trails. You will not want to miss it.

Finally, indulge with our Artisans as they present you with a custom created cooking demonstration, complete with their favorite pour of wine. Watch in bewilderment as they create the most extravagant 3 course meal for you, while giving you the knowledge to recreate the recipes with simplicity at home. Experience this in a private kitchen with only a few other companions to create the most intimate culinary experience that you will cherish for years to come. This is a perfect way to enjoy the warmth during this cold season.
We would love to paint the ideal day for you! Never hesitate to contact us, or stop by the concierge desk while you are here!”

Julia Mathes, The Concierge Team