Blackberry Farm

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A Great Year of Dawns

There’s a moment just before the sun comes up that’s pure magic if you pay attention. It’s a fleeting moment, just a few, quick, shivery seconds of anticipation for the pink Smoky Mountain sunrise about to break. For me, writing this letter, looking ahead to 2017, is that moment. My husband Sam taught me to look for life’s daily gifts, like a Tennessee sunrise. Although he’s gone, I’ve found that continuing to live out our shared vision for Blackberry Farm has been healing. With the newest edition of The Blackberry Year in front of me, I am eager to continue the tradition of creating rewarding gatherings that bring people together.

Once again, we are gathering the best of the best here on our farm to inspire
you—think artists, vintners, chefs, athletes, musicians and teachers. Once again, we’ll be hosting events that challenge you, delight you, refresh you and enlighten you. And once again, countless friends like you will spend a few happy days with us at Blackberry, where it feels like anything can happen! My hope is that when you’re here, you’ll find time to connect and freedom to seize the day. We’ve designed our 2017 events to do just that by learning, growing and celebrating the arts that enrich our everyday lives. Together, we’ll hear from significant voices and visionary talent, including René Redzepi, Suzanne Kasler, Eric Ripert, Joanne Weir and Lady Antebellum.

Sam had a habit of reminding everyone, from his colleagues to his children, to “make a great day!” It was a simple phrase that summed up so much about his approach to life. He made it his goal to make every day great, even ordinary workdays and school nights. For him, it all came down to choices. Like choosing to spend an extra 15 minutes teaching our kids how to cut an onion, even when trying to whip up a fast weeknight dinner. Or choosing to greet the first snowfall with a family hike so we could be the first to make tracks in the fresh snow.

I’m inspired by him, and I’m inspired by all of the passionate people who join us on the farm year after year. Making every day a “great day” is my goal today, tomorrow and for the rest of my life. I encourage you to join me. And I look forward to sharing some of those days with you on the farm.

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Sincerely, Mary Celeste Beall