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A little holiday cheer

Around the holidays, there are always more parties, family gatherings, toasts, and more imbibing.  So this year we sat down with Blackberry Farm’s Beverage Manager and Mixologist, Andrew Noye to pick his brain about cocktails for the season.  What did he come up?  Well, what you would think…holiday memories, of course.  Each cocktail seems to be a connection to Andrew’s childhood holiday memories. Thank goodness for us his holiday memories included treats like Butter Cookies, peppermint, gingerbread and even a “seafoam salad”!

Stay out of the cocktail rut; check out Andrew’s 12 delicious cocktails to experiment with during this season of merriment!  Starting December 2nd , watch over the next twelve days as we release twists on winter classics and new inventions inspired by the holidays.  Drinks like Claus’s Cranberry Cooler or the Ginger Bread Bumpkin will create new holiday memories and maybe even catch you under the mistletoe.

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Tennessee Eggnog

Gingerbread Bumpkin

3 Peppermint Mule

4 Elf Warmer:  Mulled White Wine

5 Mr. Daniels Colossal Wassail

6 Butter Cookie

7 Seafoam Jello Salad Shooters

8 Spiced Orange Negroni

9 Good things will come

10 Lebkuchen

11 Tom and Jerry

12 Cranberry Claus