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A Love Theme on Beans

 A February theme for most people would likely be centered around Valentine’s Day in one form or another. My theme for this year’s February celebration is beans. I suppose that I could work the Valentine’s Day angle in as well. I imagine coming home on Valentine’s Day to find a beautiful big red heart-shaped box, which you think is filled with a wonderful assortment of chocolates. Upon opening the box, you discover that the interior is divided into sections, with each section filled with diverse selections of colorful beans.  After opening the Valentine’s card, you discover that either to your delight or disgust, you are now a proud member of “The Bean of the Month” club, the gift that keeps on giving. That’s right up there with the “Jelly of the Month” club.  By the time that mid-February arrives, I am beginning to anticipate the gardens of early spring. The mere thought of spring, even when the temptations are still below freezing, is enough to bring on a premature case of spring fever. With so many beans to choose from, “I have over 200 varieties in my own collection,” I spend a good amount of time deciding which varieties will be featured in our gardens for the upcoming season.  From Blackberry Farm, all of us farmers wish you a very special Valentine’s Day, be it beans or chocolate.
    By John Coykendall