Blackberry Farm

Friends of the Farm

A Season to Indulge

Set out your cheese boards; take down your rocks glasses. Winter is the perfect time to celebrate moments big and small with handcrafted artisan cheeses, small-batch beer and our very first barrel-aged Tennessee whiskey.

Favorite Brews
We cannot keep our beer on the shelves! For now, the best way to get your hands on some is by signing up for our allocation letter. The allocation letter allows you to reserve cases at a time (for pick-up on your next visit to Blackberry), ensuring that you’ll get to enjoy our beer, even though quantities are limited. And as we increase beer production, our allocation letter will still be the place to find our small-quantity productions, like seasonal selections and experimental brews.

First Sips
Whiskey—like wine and leather—simply takes time to be great. Lucky for you, we have spent the last four years giving a few barrels our love and attention. In January, we will proudly unveil our first Tennessee whiskey. While still young, it will give you the perfect chance to get a glimpse of the unique sips to come.