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Fall is an exciting time in the world of a sportsman.  As the weather cools and the leaves begin to fall many sportsmen across the foothills of east Tennessee are heading to the woods in pursuit of game or to the streams to temp the trout.  Whether it be hunting game or chasing trout the mild weather and beautiful colors of the southern Appalachian fall makes for a fantastic theater in which to spend a day outside.  Fall also brings about a few exciting things in the world of Smoky Mountain fly fishing, the brown and brook trout spawn.  Both species are fall spawners and typically start spawning around November.  The males of both species will color up and take on vibrant hues of red and orange and make an already truly beautiful fish even more spectacular.  With the spawning starting in November, October provides a great opportunity to find these fish pre-spawn when they are a little more vulnerable.


Brown trout in the Smokies are quite a topic of discussion.  Most of the fish, of all trout species, in the park average 6-8 inches in length.  However, a small percentage of brown trout in the park can break that size average and sometimes by a hefty margin.  There are in fact fish swimming in those small mountain streams that would be considered a trophy fish of a lifetime anywhere in the world.  They are few and far between and many even don’t believe they exist, but for a fortunate few they are something other than legend.  It takes patience and stealth, skill and ambition, knowledge and perhaps…..Luck.  For finding these big Smoky Mountain browns is a lot like what many others in the area are doing on a fall day, hunting.  Much like combining the two sports, there is scouting, stalking, and positioning involved in the pursuit of these mythical Smoky Mountain browns and sometimes one may come home empty handed.  But after all, isn’t that what most sportsman are after……the Chance

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Small fish and big memories…

Fly Fishing Manager