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A Turnip Green Turndown

This Valentine’s Day, consider the recipient of that heartfelt gift or romantic contrivance. Is this person truly swayed and swooned by fine chocolates, exotic scents and bling-worthy jewels? Or is a rustic and countrified version of a classic gesture more in line? Rare is a farmer’s daughter or strapping fieldhand who eschews tractors for Tiffany’s or butterbeans for Brooks Brothers. In the country, we are taught from an early age not to “get above our raisin.”  So this year, guarantee a roll in the hay with a unique boudoir surprise that differs from the usual rose petals. Try our Turnip Green Turndown, where the farmer will secretly embellish the bed, bathtub or hayloft of your choice with a sprinkling of luck-bringing garden greens. Our small help with your courting and sparking will allow you and your other to live off the fruits of love for the rest of the year!

Jeff Ross, Garden Manager