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A Word from Vicki Carroll, Director of Hospice du Rhone

Hospice du Rhône is honored to present a Rhône focused program to an enthusiastic audience for the third annual Hospice du Rhône at Blackberry Farm weekend.

Hospice du Rhône has provided a forum for the exchange of ideas, the sharing of wines, the particulars of varied vineyard practices, winemaking styles and extraordinary cuisine to pair with Rhône wines. This common ground for Rhône advocates from around the world focuses on education.  From the inaugural gathering in Atlanta, Ga., to the upcoming 20th  celebration in Paso Robles, Ca., Hospice du Rhône has presented a slate of seminars and tastings designed to educate Rhône professionals and amateurs alike.

Syrah, Grenache, Mourvèdre, Roussanne, Viognier and Marsanne have become more commonplace varieties over the past 20 years, but we strive to make all the of the 22 varieties known.  Although many of the 22 Rhône varieties are not used in a varietal wine, they are often found blended with the more widely grown and produced varieties.  Should you wish to satisfy your curiosity about the lesser-known Rhône grape varieties, please take a look at our website –, or better yet, attend one of our events and learn through tasting and talking with our informative vintners.

Wine producers and advocates from around the world have gathered to share their passion for the Rhône category. Our goal has always been to create awareness of the 22 Rhône varieties and the producers who stand beside them.  Celebrating the Hospice du Rhône mission at Blackberry Farm with the stellar vintner and chef line-up will be a highlight for all.

Joining us for this exclusive Blackberry Farm event will be Alvaro Palacios, owner of the iconic L’Ermita Vineyard in the Priorat region of Spain, Gary Pisoni, Pisoni Vineyards in Gonzales, Ca., and Gary Franscioni of Roar Wines in the California Santa Lucia Highlands and culinary innovator Chef José Andrés from Washington, DC.  

You will want to experience this Rhône wine-filled experience of wine tastings, seminars, cooking demonstrations and special meals featuring rare wines from our gracious guest vintners.