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Adventure Series

One of the most rewarding parts of my job as Adventure Coordinator is watching families experience a new adventure together. They learn a new skill and help each other along the way. They face challenges outside of their “comfort zones” and succeed with the encouragement and support of each other.

Experiencing activities as a family allows for opportunities to grow together and even learn new things about each other, gaining understanding and appreciation, and making “connections.” Blackberry Farm’s Adventure Series offers many such opportunities.

There are adventures of farmstead life including a working sheep farm activity, beekeeping, and time with the truffle dogs. There are mountain discovery adventures to be had with stream exploration, wildlife hikes, and a brand new geocaching/letterboxing course. Our category of adventure quests may lead your family upriver in kayaks or to the archery range for a “robin hood” experience.

Embark on a Blackberry Farm adventure with your family. Connect with this land, these mountains, and these waters. Connect with your bodies and the ability to experience life. Connect with each other and the blessings of family.

Joy Hopkins, Adventure Coordinator