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Adventure with a Horse

There are at least two types of horseback adventures: the first is that “once in a lifetime” OMG experience.  It comes when you top the mountain, look outover a stunning panorama, and think, “I would never have experienced this moment without this horse.” It is the trek through the woods when the rhododendron peak and the hillsides are lush in blossoms. It is the gallop behind a screaming pack of hounds, the adrenaline rush from soaring a big fence. It is fording the rushing creek in the deep woods-- in places where it is easy to believe a hobbit could pop out at any moment! It is flushing a grouse or wild turkey—or sighting a rattlesnake.  It is a moment taken in solitary contemplation or shared on the run with like-minded folks. These are the tales of horse riding adventures we share year after year—they become a part of our history and make life worth living.

The second type of horseback adventure is even more personal. For humans, it involves the mutual exploration of relationship possibilities with beings unlike us. It is defined in that moment when the horse turns to you with trust, when he offers a soft nicker of recognition,when we find ourselves tuned in. This inward adventure or quest is meaningful and profound. It is as important as any human friendship. It places one on the timeline of horse/human interdependence. It is a moment in which we notice a common bond and we feel connected to one another, to nature, and to all horses and horsemen past. I hope (and believe) it is as rewarding to the horse as to the rider.

Riding is at its absolute best when these two adventures coincide—when the day is exciting or beautiful. Horse and rider each sense its importance and uniqueness and tap into an ancient bond. The result is a rich and rewarding relationship, centuries old, and powerful. How fortunate we are to be a part.

Make an adventure with a horse.