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Adventures are meant to be shared

Adventures are experiences that are meant to be shared. Even if one embarks on a solo journey, part of the joy in the effort is the feeling of excitement and anticipation of sharing the story afterwards: the “you’ll never believes” and “guess what’s” of where you’ve been and what you’ve done.

Many adventures take teamwork and can’t necessarily be accomplished by oneself, like a multi-pitch rock climb or tandem canoeing a river. Even if the experience is enjoyed in silence so that the only sound is the paddle sliding through the water and bumping the side of the boat, or the wind in the trees and the harsh call of a raven, companionship enhances the whole setting.

We learn from each other when we share adventures. I learn something new from a guest almost every time a trip goes out. I recently hiked with an avid golfer who taught me that the wood of persimmon trees is preferred for a certain type of club. And I thought persimmons were just for pudding!

Of course, different people appreciate sharing in different sorts of adventures. Last week a guide returned from a paddling trip bearing a handful of wild “possum grapes” and happily offered her snack to a fellow team member, who upon tasting the tiny fruit said in good humor “I would appreciate it if your future foraging would be kept to yourself!”

Adventures can push our comfort zones, stretch our physical and mental limits or just refresh our souls. Sharing them with others creates bonds and memories we won’t forget and years of stories to come!
Joy Hopkins