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Ways to Use Pimento Cheese

Indulge in our version of a Southern classic, prepared with sharp, aged cheddar that is the perfect compliment for the pimentos. Enjoy our Pimento Cheese by itself or try these Ways to Use it.

Stuff a juicy cherry tomato with a small scoop of Pimento Cheese for a light canapé.

Incorporate Pimento Cheese into your next grilled cheese sandwich. For an extra punch of flavor add a few slices of smoked turkey.

Enjoy it in a Pimento Cheese Fritter. Below see the recipe.

Add a hearty helping of our Pimento Cheese to juicy beef patties and throw it on the grill. Top with our Bread & Butter Pickles, serve on a toasted brioche burger bun for a cheeseburger that is out of this world!

Add a spoonful of Pimento Cheese in a Squash Blossom and deep fry.

Pimento Cheese Fritters
1cup water
1cup milk
½ lb. butter
2 teaspoons salt
11 oz AP flour (by weight)
1 pint eggs, about 6 large eggs
1 cup pimento cheese

Bring milk, water, and butter to simmer. Season with salt. Fold in flour. Transfer to mixer and slowly add eggs until shiny. Add pimento cheese. Be careful to not over mix.

Place in piping bag and pipe out into tubes on parchment. Freeze and cut into desired length.  Set the fryer at 350 degrees and fry until golden brown. 

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